Cable TV Advertising Rates

Cable TV Rates for all major cities of Pakistan

Cable TV Advertising Rates

In today’s world, Cable TV Advertisement is main source to get business. That’s the reason TransCast Media deals with Cable TV Advertising for all Pakistan and gives Cable TV Rates
We have access and reach to Network of All Pakistan Cable.
We can deals our clients in All big and small cities, Villages, All Districts & Divisions of Pakistan.

  • Cable TV Advertisement in Karachi
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Islamabad
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Lahore
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Faisalabad
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Hyderabad
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Gujranwala
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Rawalpindi
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Sargodha
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Gujrat
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Larkana
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Mirpur
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Sialkot
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Larkana
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Sukkur
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Quetta
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Peshawar
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Sindh
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Punjab
  • Cable TV Advertisement in KPK
  • Cable TV Advertisement in Baluchistan

How much does it cost to advertise on cable TV?

In Pakistan, On Each Cable there are 2 to 3 channels which are available for advertisement run. Each Cable has different rates for single channel advertisement. Ad & scroll runs every hour within 24 hours.   

How do I get cable TV ads in Cable TV Advertising

TransCast Media gives facility to make Cable Ads which will be HD Ad with all qualities of a DVC production.

Watch our Showreel and have a look on our TVCs & DVCs

7 Reasons Why to Advertise on Local Cable

1- Local Cable has local audience

2- Local Reach for Brand and Sale Announcement

3- Cheap and Low Cost Advertisement

4- Quick Response

5- Local Cable allow to run Scrolls and Branding in low cost

6- Local Cable allow to give contact numbers in full campaign

7- Its low cost and run 24 Hours

Benefits of Cable TV Advertising

Cable TV reaches the right viewers with the precise demographic, interests, and buying habits that your company is targeting. Some cable providers offer more precise targeting capabilities than others.

Cable TV provides an affordable way to reach your target audience, so find a reliable advertising agency with targeted channels and send them the right message.

Advertising is the key to generating customer interest and demand for your product. Cable TV advertising is the single most effective way to do this. Cable TV advertising is the best way to gain a competitive advantage and get ahead of the pack.

Cable TV Advertising

Cable TV Rates

Cable TV medium is highly obliged medium in marketing and advertising world. In Pakistan Cable TV is main source for watching tv channels. Its cheap and affordable that monthly price is in between 300 Rs to 400 Rs and you watch more than 80 channels in it. Local Cable distributers run local CD/USB channels to play music, movies & Dramas of there viewers choice. On these channels which are completely hold by local distributor, they run local advertisement in breaks, and on screen.

This type of adverting is popular because they allow scrolls and ads on screen during movies, songs and dramas and no body can skip it.

For offering discounts and announcement of new openings near by. Its good and low cost way. Advertisers got calls from this type ads and they prefer it along with Digital Advertisement.

Rates on local cables depends on area they cover and starts from 8000 PKR Rs to 30,000 PKR Rs. totally depends on area, city, local coverage, home connections they carry and offers they have for advertisers.

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