Multi-Camera Live Streaming for Facebook, Instagram & YouTube with Titles, Logo & Lower Third Tickers

TransCast Media has a vast experience in Live Streaming of Events, Conferences and Meetings with Multiple Camera Setups with Logo on screen, Tickers on Screen, Live Comments appearing on Screen.

Our Setup allows multi cameras, Remote Cameras, Multiple Destination Cameras at one place, Live Calls, including making part of live stream other things like Presentation or On Demand Videos.

wp diagram live streaming mls 01

Multi Stream to all Available platforms at once

Streaming Live to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, Twitch, and more. We Make your audience feel special by featuring their comments on screen.

Pre-recorded & Playlist Streaming 

We have option to Upload and stream pre-recorded videos. Queue your recorded videos into a playlist and schedule. Play videos on loop, add subtitles, and more.