Web TV Launch Consultancy

Web TV is a very good idea to launch your own TV station from any location. A Web TV would be a highly professional TV channel or a TV channel to get in touch with your fans, with your community with your type of people. Web TV’s idea is new and many persons, companies who said are running a Web TV is not a web tv in actual.  TransCast Media provides a complete Web TV Consultancy, Installation and ready to run solutions.

Usually a web TV requires.

  • At Least One Studio for Live and Recorded Programs.
  • At Least 2 or 3 Cameras.
  • Studio Sets
  • Non Linear Editing System
  • MCS ( Master Control System), It works like MCR of Satellite TV Channel.
  • Complete ENG with Lights, Mic, Mixer.

For Starting a Web TV There is Need of a domain (www.yourchannelname.com), with hosting.
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