Exploring The Video Production And Techniques

Video production is a process of creating a video with the assistance of captured moving pictures. The moving pictures are used for creating a video. Normally, these are captured in various electronic media like memory chips or SD cards. In the new age of moving thing production, all the stock images are created through digital pictures, not with film stock images. This kind of production can be called art through which some image of an event can be transferred as a full-length video without any pause.


The fundamental types of developing moving image productions are:

Corporate production: This sort of production works with a range of educational and training video images. These captured images need to change decently for a proper instructional story.

TV Production: This kind of production work consists of various news or tv commercial. All the planed programs require to program correctly with the software for hassle-free broadcast.

Event Production: Even can be specified as anything like a school sports event, wedding event. All the small images of the whole program need to be attached expertly for the unbelievable experience.

Distance Education Production For Learning Purpose: This production procedure is also utilized for distance education. Many vital videos are shot at a different spot than with the assistance of software all the videos get edited for ultimate use at the time of the study.

Internet Production: Numerous sites use numerous videos for their own promotion. Often time these shots are taken through camera then the procedure of video production is used for preparing the final one for site promotion.

Documentary Production: For creating the documentary video the ultimate cut pro software is used. All the small takes and images get to collaborate with all other for ultimately the finished story.

Techniques of Video Production:

There are a couple of techniques which are to be followed at the time of production for tender work progress. These techniques are:

All The Time Create A Store Board Before Production: Storyboard will assist us in explaining what to shoot. That will also assist in saving time. The script will define the whole scene, but storyboard will assist to express the particular need for the scene to shoot.

All the time prepare the subject before the shoot: In case of documentary or any sort of advertising shoot, it is crucial to prepare the subject. That will assist in minimizing the time wasted.

Uses of B-roll Picture: B-roll picture is a type of picture, which can be called an additional supportive picture. If any picture gets corrupted at the time of uses then these additional supportive pictures can be used to finish the work.

Use the technique called a rule of third: At the time of taking shot the technique called the rule of thirds all the time to be followed. If we separate the screen into two horizontal and two vertical lines, then we will get 9 small squares. Images can fit in 6 small squares and rest 3 squares should be blank. This is called the rule of third. Images also align from the left or right side of the frame.

Accurate uses of light: At the time of the shooting, its best not to create any conflict between natural sources of light that is artificial lights and sun that is studio lights. These two should be mixed tactfully for natural light effect.

Accurate use of white balance: Various lights have the various temperatures. It is crucial to set the white balance from the camera manually to delete any sort of color cast. Real white balance will assist to look white as right white without any color cast.

Stages to Follow:

There are leading 3 phases of video production, these are

Pre-production: Pre-production consists of the research and development procedure. This step also includes writing scripts and creating a storyboard for shooting.

Production: Production is the procedure when the picture, recording is started. This will include all the shooting scenes, lighting equipment, composition, framing, each thing. This information will be utilized for the final presentation.

Post production: This post-production procedure includes mostly editing and color correction procedure. Few times some exceptional effects are also used for the ultimate look of the scripted story.


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