Zuhaib Ramzan Bhatti

zuhaib-ramzan-bhattiMr. Zuhaib Ramzan Bhatti, CEO of TransCast Media. He is Producer and TV Director in Pakistan.
Before the revelation of TransCast Media, a man named Zuhaib Ramzan Bhatti with an aptitude of Business care development started its creative carrier as a child story teller and his first story got published in PHOOL KALYAN a weekly edition of a leading National Daily Nawai waqt.

The esthetics’ of Urdu journalism provide him an extra vegans opportunity to be a well-crafted narrator and seasoned story writer for children at large. Many magazines gave him space for his expressive modes as keen observer and reflector of social realities. He became poet and his poetic stance got reception worldwide and selected as semifinalist in an International poetry contest held in France (1997-98)

It was June 2004; he made his debut as Documentary Director on Children Literature while he was in Islamabad for a certification in Electronic Media, Next Year under the supervision of his production teacher he produced a Drama “ Talash” based on a child who was missing.

He started TV Productions privately after returning back from Islamabad and got admission in Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering science and Technology at Nawabshah.

During his studies he successfully completed his short projects and by will he stared teaching camera techniques to local Reporters and Correspondents of TV Channels.

In 2008 after 4 days when he completed university education, he called up by a National level TV channel as responsible one for on-air test transmission, which was success fully on-aired from Thailand within a month.

In Lahore as Director Programs and Producer he served different main stream TVs as direct programs like Morning show, Talk shows, Solo Lectures, Mehfils, Sitcoms, Road Shows. He hosted a program specially designed for children Jugnu Ko Parakhne Ki Zid Karen.

In 2009 he projected a private company along with his friend Mr. Bilal Chaudhry named FTR Media Service. Here was the challenging era Zuhaib Bhatti booted his professional career as Director of a very sophisticated media agency and served several TV channels for transmission services, live programing, commercial linking, songs productions, Drama productions, documentary filming and current affairs programing as Director.

Up till 2016, Zuhaib Ramzan Bhatti made his imperative role in media houses and become a very energetic and responsive team leader of all spheres in Direction and Production.

The innovative river flow of creativity by Zuhaib Bhatti induced him to see a dream of another destination named TransCast Media in his sole leadership to serve National and International media horizons where we exists.
Now TransCast Media is working with several TV Channels and Radio Stations in Pakistan.
TransCast Media is also making TVCs, DVCs, Documentaries and Video Songs for clients.
TransCast Media also dealing with media buying with several tv channels and many live programs are going on air every week.

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